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Gratis Versand möglich! Mo-Fr vor 16 Uhr bestellen & Versand am selben Tag. Egal ob Berge oder Wasser, Sonne oder Schnee - wir haben die passende Ausrüstung Wir bieten sailfish stark reduziert! Entdecke unser großes Sortiment und bestelle online. Zahlreiche Kunden vertrauen auf die über 80-jährige Erfahrung von Brügelmann

Jolla-Devices wants to promote Sailfish OS by Jolla, making easier to the new users to find infos about the official devices. The focus is on the hardware: only the official Sailfish devices, those produced and actively updated by Jolla, and of course the more newer devices produced by Sony and Gemini, compatible with Sailfish X Device Information; Development Services . Introduction; Open Build Service; Git Server; Image Creator; Webhooks; Bugzilla; Deployment Services . SSU; Store; Devices. From SailfishOS Documentation. Jump to:navigation, search. Jolla Phone. Jolla Phone specifications Jolla Phone user guide. Jolla C developer device. Jolla C specifications . Jolla Tablet. Jolla Tablet specifications Jolla Tablet. Sailfish OS is managed and developed by European mobile company Jolla, which has a strong heritage in Nokia and MeeGo OS. The only mobile operating system offering a regional licensing model Sailfish OS offers governmental and corporate customers a comprehensive solution, which can be adapted to specific customer needs Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system based on open source projects such as Mer and including a closed source UI.The project is being developed by the Finnish company Jolla.. The OS is shipped with the Jolla smartphone and tablet (the sale stopped in 2016 but devices are still supported with software updates) and from other vendors licensing the OS Sailfish OS is the Operating System of Jolla, an independent designer, developer, and vendor of various mobile devices based in Helsinki, Finland. It intended to develop smartphones that use the gesture-oriented user interface. Sailfish OS is the only mobile operating system that offers a comprehensive licensing model. Also, it is a mobile OS flexible solution for governments, corporate mobile projects, and consumer' devices

Sailfish OS can be installed to Xperia X devices having Android 8 in them. Sony Xperia X Single SIM (F5121) Sony Xperia X Dual SIM (F5122). Gemini PDA. Gemini PDA x25 ; Gemini PDA x27. These four product groups (Xperia 10, Xperia XA2, Xperia X and Gemini PDA) require Sailfish X licences of their own. The licence is not transferable from one. The Sony Xperia 10 is the current Jolla Device: experience Sailfish OS on a better, 21:9 display! This listing refer to the Xperia 10, single SIM model PERFECT DEVICES FOR SAILFISH OS. Our aim is to choose only great devices to run Sailfish X: together with our community we aim for devices, which can support all the essential features of Sailfish OS, and which have great specifications. The Sony Xperia™ 10 and Sony Xperia™ XA2 product range and Sony Xperia™ X are stunning devices to run Sailfish OS. Their tech specs, camera quality, screen, and design if you like, will take your Sailfish OS experience to the next level. Sailfish X is. These are easy to buy used and provide a hardware platform on par with current devices. Sony Xperia X (F5121; since SailfishOS 2.1.3) and Xperia X Dual-SIM (F5122; since SailfishOS 2.2.0 ). Older (2013 - 2016) devices, which are discontinued by their manufacturers but still supported by recent Sailfish OS releases

Jolla Phone, is the first device with Sailfish OS, the innovative operating system of Jolla based on gestures and oriented to multitasking. It is a smartphone with an original two-color Scandinavian design Sailfish is a Linux-based mobile operating system developed by Jolla in cooperation with the Mer project and supported by the Sailfish Alliance. Although it is primarily targeted at mobile phones, it is also intended to support other categories of devices. The Sailfish OS and the Sailfish Software development kit are based on the Linux kernel. Maybe more important than the devices is Jala's plan to recruit South American developers interested on developing apps for Sailfish OS and also to develop the OS to serve the regional needs. This initiative is expected to spread to nations in South America pushed by Jala Software, one of the biggest mobile businesses locally. On October 14, 2017 Jolla and Jala signed a contract on developing. SUPPORT FOR A VARIETY OF DEVICES. Sailfish OS is officially supported now on over a dozen mobile devices, and even more through the Sailfish community. Support extends several form factors including feature phones, wearables, tablets, corporate solutions, and a range of smartphones

Mit sailfish ins Abenteuer - Perfekt ausgestattet bei CAMP

  1. Sailfish X im Test: Die Android-Alternative mit ein bisschen Android. Seit kurzem ist Sailfish OS mit Android-Unterstützung für weitere Xperia-Smartphones von Sony verfügbar.Fünf Jahre nach.
  2. I am happy to announce a port of Sailfish OS to Sony Xperia XZ2. It is expected that this port would allow us to add support to XZ2 compact and XZ3 in a rather simple manner. As I have a single-sim device, that's the model its ported to first. To cover all six devices in Tama family, I may need some assistance from the owners. Please open an issue in the project's main repo to discuss specific.
  3. Mit dem Download von Sailfish OS bekommt man eine Android-Alternative als mobiles Betriebssystem. Sailfish OS ist quelloffen und kann auch auf.
  4. dest Begünstigt durch das Sony Open Device Program hat man sich auf den japanischen Hersteller konzentriert und vertreibt mit Sailfish X eine Variante für.
  5. Managing Sailfish OS-based devices is now easier with the new release. We've extended the functionality of mobile device management (MDM) with the ability to configure Active Sync accounts. ActiveSync accounts can also now be set up using a personal SSL certificate. Hourly weather, enhanced controls for call handling and video playback. The weather information on Sailfish OS is provided by.

Jolla Oy, auch bekannt als Jolla Mobile und international als Jolla Limited (Ltd.) (deutsch entsprechend: Jolle), ist ein finnisches Unternehmen, das Smartphones auf Basis des Betriebssystems Sailfish OS entwickelt und verkauft. Es führt die Arbeit fort, die bei Nokia mit dem bisher einzigen MeeGo-Handy, dem Nokia N9 begonnen wurde.. Shared mobile devices Continue reading. Sailfish OS,Sailfish X,Software Updates. October 13, 2020 by Jussi Maaniitty . Sailfish OS Pallas-Yllästunturi is available Continue reading. Community,Development,Open Source,Together.jolla.com. July 8, 2020 by Ville Nummela . New forum for Sailfish OS discussion Continue reading. Developer Stories,Sailfish 3,Software Updates. April 29, 2020 by Marko. Sailfish OS auf dem Handy: Offenes System ohne Datenkrake. Zwar beherrschen Android und iOS rund 99 Prozent des Smartphone-Marktes. Sailfish könnte aber eine echte Alternative sein. Wir haben uns das System auf dem Sony Xperia XA2 einmal angesehen. Von Markus Weidner. Kommentare (8) A A A. Teilen (24) E-Mail 2; Drucken 17; Kontrollzentrum wie bei Android. Jolla versteht Sailfish vor allem als. MWC 2017 Jolla erweitert seine Softwarepartnerschaft und will Sonys Open-Device-Programm unterstützen: Für eine Reihe von Xperia-Smartphones soll das alternative Betriebssystem Sailfish OS. Flash script will automatically reboot the device but you don't need to boot to Android, you can instead shutdown the device and then boot to TWRP for Sailfish OS installation. Sailfish OS installation . Copy the downloaded Sailfish OS zip to sdcard or to somewhere outside sailfish rootfs in userdata partition Boot to TWRP recovery (when device is powered down press and hold volume up button.

Sailfish OS aims to be compatible with the majority of Android apps, but due to the sheer volume of Android applications designed for Android-based devices with different configurations, we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility. In this article, you will learn how to make the best of the Android TM App Support on your Sailfish device Here's my rambly video about a community build of Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia X Compact. Spoiler: it has SystemD.LINKS:XDA thread: https://forum.xda-develope.. Sailfish OS bzw. Sailfish X ist nur für das Sony Xperia X mit Modelnr. F5121 freigegeben. Es müssen alle Xperia-Android-Updates eingespielt sein, d.h. Build-Nr. 34.3.A.0.228 oder höher. Nur dann ist ein Entsperren möglich. Man kann es auch im Servicemenü genauer überprüfen: Telefon-Funktion und Wähltastatur starten. *#*#7378423#*#* eintippen. Jetzt ist man im Servicemenü, Service info.

Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system based on open source projects such as Mer and including a closed source UI. The project is being developed by the Finnish company Jolla. The OS is shipped with the Jolla smartphone and tablet (the sale stopped in 2016 but devices are still supported with software updates) and from other vendors licensing the OS. The OS is ported by community. Sailfish OS auf anderen Devices. yjeanrenaud. Profil Beiträge anzeigen Private Nachricht Administrator 17.01.2014, 09:24 #1. Sailfish geht derzeit ja auf dem Nokia N8, soweit ich weiss. 0. The unboxing of the SONY Xperia 10, one of 2019 SONY devices that got the official Sailfish OS support.Here you see the i4113 version, blue navy colour, also.. OMP Russia stellt auf YouTube einige neue Geräte, Smartphones und Tablets mit Aurora OS der russischen Variante von Sailfish OS vor, darunter auch Geräte, die für den harten Gebrauch ausgelegt sind und den martialischen Namen 11.08.2020 Sailfish SDK 3.2 veröffentlicht. Wesentlichste Änderung: Unterstützung für CMake basierende Projekte Einige der wichtigsten Verbesserungen in dieser. Entdecke jetzt das ganze Sortiment von sailfish und bestelle gleich Online

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  1. Jolla has refreshed Sailfish, the Linux-based mobile operating system designed for those seeking to escape the clutches of Android and iOS. The latest update - version 3.4 - was named after the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in Lapland, located north of the Arctic Circle
  2. In den . Gerätevorstellung mit Aurora OS. OMP Russia stellt auf YouTube einige neue Geräte, Smartphones und Tablets mit Aurora OS der russischen Variante von Sailfish OS vor, darunter auch Geräte, die für den harten Gebrauch ausgelegt sind und den martialischen Namen . 11.08.2020 Sailfish SDK 3.2 veröffentlicht
  3. g smartphones by Jolla and other licencees. Although it is primarily targeted at mobile phones, it is also intended to support other categories of devices

Sailfish OS auf anderen Geräten. 1 Seite 1 von 4; 2; 3; 4; Letzte Antwort. Thema; Autor; Datum; Antworten; Likes; Zugriff The DEVICE this flashing script is meant for WAS NOT FOUND! You might be missing the required windows fastboot drivers for your device. Go to the Windows Device Manager and update the fastboot driver for the Der Befehl find ist entweder falsch geschrieben oder konnte nicht gefunden werden. device. Drücken Sie eine beliebige Taste . . Sony Xperia X mit Sailfish OS Ein großer Wurf für die Finnen dürfte die neue Partnerschaft mit Sony sein, die Jolla auf dem MWC angekündigt hat: Sony öffnet sein Open Device Program für Sailfish.. Sailfish is commonly known to be targeted at mobile devices, but since it inherited around 80% of MeeGo code, Sailfish can be used as a complete general-purpose Linux OS on devices including in vehicle infotainment (IVI), navigation, smart TV, desktops and notebooks, yachts, automotive, e-commerce, home appliances, measuring and control equipment, smart building equipment, etc

Alternative Sailfish OS client for KDE Connect. Features. This application allows you to connect to other devices running KDE Connect. At the moment following set of KDE Connect plugins are supported: Battery - Share battery status with your computer. Clipboard - Share clipboard text content. MPRIS - Control multimedia player from your computer Sailfish OS on the Pine64 Dont Be Evil devkit. Sailfish OS Dont Be Evil has 28 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub Bereits seit einiger Zeit experimentiert Sony bei seinen Xperia-Handys mit dem Mobil-System Sailfish OS von Jolla - ein altbekannter Marktbegleiter, der aus einem Nokia-System hervorging. Nun ist. The Xperia XA2 is the actual generation of Sailfish OS devices, enrolled in late 2018 as Sailfish OS official device At the moment, the only Sony Xperia phone running Sailfish OS is the Xperia X, but the idea is that users who want to run Sailfish on their phones instead of Android will be able to do so easily

Devices - SailfishOS Documentation - SailfishOS - Sailfish OS

Reviews and dialogue of all devices that are running or should be running Sailfish OS, including official ports from Jolla and ports from Sailfish OS community. 20 Desig SAILFISH OS. So, this article is essentially my experience with Sailfish for 3 weeks. So, let's begin. First with the device. The Device. The device earmarked for sailfish is not one of the officially supported. The goat we're looking at is a YU Yureka Plus (codename: tomato). Never heard of the brand? It's Indian Backup of Sailfish OS user files to a sdcard or to another device is strongly encouraged before updating Sailfish OS. Updates are tested by making updates between consecutive versions of Sailfish. Before skipping versions, check at TJC whether it is recommended. In addition, read the release notes for the versions that you plan to skip. Enable ability to change to root in Settings/Developer. Sailfish is commonly known to be targeted at mobile devices, but since it inherited around 80% of MeeGo code, Sailfish can be used as a complete general-purpose Linux OS on devices ranging from in vehicle infotainment (IVI), navigation, smart TV, desktops and notebooks, yachts, automotive, e-commerce, home appliances, measuring and control equipment, smart building equipment, etc Jolla Collaborates with Sony Open Devices to Bring Sailfish OS to Xperia Devices Doug Lynch February 27, 2017 Jolla's open source Sailfish OS has been able to grab our attention at XDA over the years

SailfishOS - Sailfish OS

This needs to be run once. Anywhere from 25GB-100GB will result in very noticeably increased build speeds (for instance, a typical 1hr build time can be reduced to 20min). If you're only building for one device, 25GB-50GB is fine. If you plan to build for several devices that do not share the same kernel source, aim for 75GB-100GB. This space. Auf dem kannst Du das early-adaptors-release von Sailfish für Android-Devices ausprobieren. Wie der Name schon sagt, ist dieses Release noch nicht für die normale Nutzer gedacht. Es ist weder von Jolla als stabil eingestuft, noch bietet es den Bedien-Komfort, den ein normaler Nutzer von einem OS erwartet When comparing Android vs Sailfish OS, the Slant community recommends Android for most people. In the question What is the best mobile operating system? Android is ranked 1st while Sailfish OS is ranked 2n

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  1. Sailfish OS. 116 likes. Not an official page, only fan made. The official page of jolla: @jollaofficia
  2. Since the device resets completely, you will need to re-enable USB debugging to continue. Temporarily booting a custom recovery using fastboot. Download a custom recovery - you can download Lineage Recovery. Simply download the latest recovery file, named something like lineage-17.1-20210112-recovery-sailfish.img. Connect your device to your PC.
  3. g up - this is unofficia
  4. Download Sailfish OS (Alpha 3) from here >> Click me << Note: I will update the post as soon as a new release was out. Put both of the downloaded files into your device (Just paste them in the root folder) Reboot into Recovery mode How to: - Turn off the phone. - Press volume down and power buttons at the same time. - The boot loader mode will be displayed. - From there choose.
  5. Jolla did say, however, that owners of Sailfish OS handsets would not need to side-load Android apps to get them onto their devices. Jolla will cooperate with leading global app stores to ensure users can seamlessly download Android apps just as they would do on any Android device, the company said in its statement
  6. Sailfish OS - Neues Smartphone-Betriebssystem. Smartphone, Betriebssystem, Nokia, Linux, Os, MeeGo, Sailfish, Jolla, Sailfish OS, Qt, Mer . Videos automatisch starten. Das finnische Start-Up.

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The Xperia XA2, XA2 Plus, and XA2 Ultra now give Sailfish OS fans a relatively cheaper way to experience the platform, even if Jolla itself no longer makes its own devices. Facebook Twitte mkdir /sailfish # Mount Alt_OS in Harmattan mount /dev/mmcblk0p4 /sailfish tar -xvjf sailfish.tar.bz2 --numeric-owner -C /sailfish/ # This will take a while as it extracts Sailfish onto the handset sync You can now exit Terminal and reboot into Sailfish or Enable root SSH access on Sailfish The first mi-Fone device powered by Sailfish OS is expected to hit selected African markets in Q2/2016 combined with a service offering tailored for mass-market African consumers. Das Unternehmen hat einen weiteren Partner gefunden. Diesmal ist es ein afrikanisches Unternehmen namens mi-Fone. Das erste mi-Fone mit Sailfish OS plant man in Q2/2016 vorzustellen bzw. auf dem Markt. Making this port was challenging because Sailfish OS, from version 3, doesn't support kernel version 3.0 which is apparently the kernel on the S2. Fortunately, the SailfishOS-porter guys do very seriously know their business and they are extremely helpful. From here I would like to emphasize my gratitude towards them for helping me in this project! Thank you! Requirements: Before you start to.

Sailfish X: for which device models is it available

  1. Sailfish OS bringt in seiner dritten Generation eine Vielzahl von verbesserten Unternehmenslösungen mit. Zu den neuen erweiterten Funktionen gehören unter anderem das Mobile Device Management (MDM), voll integrierte VPN-Lösungen, Enterprise WLAN, Datenverschlüsselung und eine höhere Leistung insgesamt
  2. Sailfish OS translations creation and maintenance Click for Getting Started and Coordinator & Language Requests skip to navigation. Sailfish OS Localisation - T + Log In; Overview; News; Translate; Latest News. Fri 06 Nov 2020 11:41:17 AM UTC. Updated sailfish-device-encryption [Templates] from version control Before update: 0 of 0 strings translated (0 need review). Remote copy: 0 of 33.
  3. Sailfish OS translations creation and maintenance Click for Getting Started and Coordinator & Language Request
  4. Not only is Sailfish OS 3.2 the first version of the operating system to support the Xperia 10, but that's also the first phone that supports user data encryption by default and support for SELinux
  5. The Jolla smartphone barely reached the market and it looks like it already wants to take a drastic approach with its Sailfish OS. Jolla's CEO, Tomi Pienimäki, is already talking about a dual.

Sailfish OS got into it's third major version and brought in Sailfish X -program which brought Sailfish to some Xperia XA devices (and lately XA2). Other official ports were also made (like Jolla C, developer phone which I also own. Gemini PDA other worthy mention). They also got funding from Russia and they seem to have quite good progress in Latin America. In Russia Sailfish is the official. Sailfish OS 3.0, das auf den Beinamen »Lemmenjoki« hört, bringt Verbesserungen sowohl für Unternehmen als auch für den Heimanwender. Zu den für den Unternehmenseinsatz interessanten neuen Funktionen zählen unter anderem das verbesserte Mobile Device Management (MDM), voll integrierte VPN-Lösungen, Enterprise WLAN, Datenverschlüsselung und eine höhere Leistung insgesamt. Sailfish 3.

The headline improvement in this new version of Sailfish OS is a big upgrade tot he browser engine. We've upgraded the browser engine to Gecko ESR52. This makes using the Sailfish OS browser already much more enjoyable! This isn't the end of the story though, and is in fact just the first step of our plan to gradually upgrade the browser. As the browser is open source, some of you may have. DOWNLOAD SAILFISH OS TO YOUR PERSONAL DEVICE Sailfish X is Jolla's officially supported downloadable version of Sailfish OS for selected devices. It's currently available for the Sony Xperia. Sailfish OS is pre-installed on four devices, but can be installed on the Sony Xperia X, XA2, XA2 Plus, and XA2 Ultra. What helps make Sailfish OS alluring to users is its open-source nature Finnish startup Jolla has announced that its Sailfish-based device will debut this year, joining the likes of Firefox OS, Ubuntu and Tizen that could rival Android in the open-platform smartphone. TWRP for sailfish. Team Win strives to provide a quality product. However, it is your decision to install our software on your device. Team Win takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur from installing or using TWRP. We recommend downloading the latest version of TWRP for your device. Sometimes, firmware updates for a device break compatibility. If you have not updated the firmware.

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OS 0 Jolla: Sailfish OS 3 läuft auch auf Feature Phones Jolla hat Version 3 von Sailfish OS vorgestellt. Sie bringt neue Funktionen und wird auch auf Feature Phones wie dem Nokia 3310 laufen. Handy Jetzt habe ich seit drei Wochen Sailfish OS (SFOS) auf mein FP2 gespielt. Es wurde von der Community ein sehr gut funktionierendes Image von SFOS für das FP2 portiert. Schau mal hier und hier. Du hast ein FP2, das vermutlich beste Device, um alle möglichen OS mühelos testen zu können! Installation in Kurzform (vieeel einfacher als was Benno hier am Anfang an Gewürge mit dem Xperia X.

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Aktuell gibt es neben dem Jolla Phone lediglich Community-Ports von Sailfish OS für die Nokia Geräte N9/N900/N950 Jolla hat im letzten Monat in Aussicht gestellt, Images für diverse Android-Devices bereitzustellen. Einen Zeitplan oder eine Ankündigung, welche Geräte konkret unterstützt werden, gibt es jedoch nicht. Mich würd's auch interessieren. Ich würde Sailfish gerne auf einem. Sailfish auf welchem Device? dubst3pp4; 5. April 2019; Erledigt; PDF; 1 Seite 1 von 2; 2; dubst3pp4. Anfänger. Trophäen 2 Beiträge 2. 5. April 2019 #1; Hallo, ich möchte gern Sailfish OS ausprobieren. Es werden auf Wikipedia auch einige inoffizielle Smartphones gelistet, die mit Sailfish mehr oder weniger funktionieren¹. Welches Phone könnt ihr empfehlen? Es darf gern auch ein älteres.

Jolla's self-titled LTE-enabled smartphone will be the first device to use Sailfish as its operating system, and comes with a 4.5-inch display, a dual-core processor, 16GB of storage expandable via.. Cons of Sailfish OS Sailfish OS does not have many disadvantages yet it is hard to compete with Android for the below factors. 1. Sailfish OS is compatible with high-end device and so that, it can not replace low-end Android devices. 2. Official news said that, it supports Android apps. But, still there are no words about their own app market

[Wiki] Available devices, plus rumored and legacy devices

Sailfish Os on other devices is the option we can have to try and test. Jolla has officially confirmed its availability on Android devices as well. So when is this OS ROM coming. If any idea please share it. and also if we can port it to other hardwares like Lappys, pcs, tabs etc.. Sailfish OS is an operating system which was developed by a Finnish company called Jolla. It has been out for a while now has been used in all Jolla smartphones. The technology company, Jolla has made a return with a significant and important update to their Sailfish OS, Sailfish OS 2.1.1 Die dritte Version von Sailfish OS ist fertig und steht zum Download bereit. Das nur noch Sailfish 3 genannte Smartphone-Betriebssystem ist eines der wenigen verbliebenen Alternativen zu Android..

Want to try that sweet-sounding Sailfish OS, but don't want to fork out the €399 for the first Jolla handset? Fret not as the company will allow you to sideload its OS to any Android device that you might already have. The option isn't yet available, but it's currently being worked on as has been confirmed by the company's CEO Tomi Pienimäki. In an interview with a Finnish website. Sailfish OS is silently growing by partnering with more and more OEMs/Brands who put Saifish OS on their smartphones. New features are regularly implemented into Sailfish as per the voting. An important new addition is the ability to take screenshots without third-party apps. Key Combination to Take Screenshot

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During Mobile World Congress 2017, Jolla announced a new collaboration with the Sony Open Devices program to bring Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia smartphones. Now, the company has just released a new.. Today, I came here with a bunch of wallpapers from Sailfish OS for those of you who like to be a Pre-sailor whilst the device isn't in your hands yet. Few weeks ago we had Sailfish icons ported to Android as a theme package by EatHeat and on This week we had the icons ported to Nokia N9 alongside with new wallpapers for the lock screen or the main background perhaps

Sailfish OS Reviews: Devices

Jolla Phone mit Sailfish OS im Test Gestensteuerung, viel Flexibilität und vor allem Offenheit: Mit Sailfish-OS hat der Nokia-Ableger Jolla eine interessante Alternative zu Google Android, Blackberry, iOS oder Windows Phone herausgebracht. Die COMPUTERWOCHE hat das erste Smartphone der Finnen in die Finger bekommen und getestet Nokia can reintroduce the ASHA brand and use Sailfish OS on those devices. Come on Nokia Mobile, differentiate yourself. Nokia smartphones and feature phones below $90 can get rid of Android and make their own space with a new OS. There's no gain in fighting the spec race with chinese android phone manufacturers that sell devices with double the specs of Nokia 1 at same price as Nokia 1. Sailfish OS (sometimes referred to as SailfishOS, Sailfish) was added by pratikblackunicorn in Dec 2013 and the latest update was made in Jan 2019. The list of alternatives was updated May 2020. It's possible to update the information on Sailfish OS or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam

Sailfish OS 2Jolla to Begin Testing Sailfish OS on the Sony Xperia X

Sailfish OS is a mobile operating system built on top of the Meego fork called the Mer project. Sailfish OS is developed by Finnish startup Jolla mobile using an open development model. Sailfish OS features an advanced UI, radically different from the Meego UI Sailfish OS wird zunächst für das Xperia X portiert und unterstützt. Das Ziel ist offenbar, eine Lösung zu haben, die stabil genug für den alltäglichen Betrieb ist. Installation und Updates sollen so komfortabel sein, dass sie auch von technisch weniger versierten Usern bewerkstelligt werden können. Erst wenn das erreicht ist, könne Jolla über den Support weiterer Smartphones nachdenken. Je ähnlicher die Hardware, umso größer seien dafür die Chancen In Russia, we can expect the new Sailfish OS devices in 2017. For those who don't know, Jolla Ltd., the maker of Sailfish OS, is a Finnish mobile company that was formed by former Nokia employees... And today at MWC, it's announcing that Sailfish OS will soon be compatible with a bunch of new devices including the Sony Xperia XA2, the upcoming Gemini PDA, and a tablet by Russian brand Inoi. In.. Sailfish OS 2.1.1 now available for all Jolla devices, here is what's new Among the new features and improvements included in the update, Jolla mentions a new camera interface that provides direct access from the lock screen, Mobile Device Management (MDM) enablers aimed at business customers, new VPN features, better calendar app, faster email app startup, as well as lots of bug fixes.. LG G Pad 8.3 sailfish os, sailfish os devices, sailfishos nokia n9. Symbol-Legende. Enthält ungelesene Beiträge Enthält keine neuen Beiträge Beliebtes Thema mit neuen Beiträgen Beliebtes.

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