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It doesn't contain documentation for everything in LibGDX, but the essentials for getting up and running, and some of the harder aspects like working from source. Javadocs. You can find the official Javadocs here, which are built alongside the snapshot. Wiki. For a very comprehensive guide to most things LibGDX, the wiki is your best place to go. This wiki is community driven, and can be. Introduction to LibGDX. LibGDX is a relatively low level, free, open source cross platform game development framework. The goal of the project is to assist you in creating games/applications and deploy to desktop and mobile platforms without getting in the way and letting you design however you like. LibGDX is free, licensed with Apache 2 open source software license, allowing everyone to use. LibGDX ist eine kostenlose, in Java entwickelte Open-Source-Bibliothek zur Entwicklung von Spielen. Ziel ist es, Benutzern zu ermöglichen, plattformübergreifende Spiele zu entwickeln, die auf Desktop-, Android-, iOS- und Webbrowsern laufen. Schreiben Sie einmal Code, stellen Sie ihn auf einer der wichtigsten Plattformen bereit This tutorial is for libGDX beginners, explaining how to create sprite sheets, use sprites in your game and add game physics. Next, I create a BodyDef, which tells Box2D that the ground is static, and can only be moved manually. Then I create a FixtureDef, which contains a rectangle that I adjust to the width of the viewport, and one meter tall. The rest of the function creates the body.

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LibGDX Tutorial 3B: Simple Animation. Tutorials / October 1, 2014 August 3, 2020 / Java, LibGDX. Back in Tutorial 3 I created a simple animation using a Timer and setting the frame manually from a TextureAtlas. This is not the ideal way to perform animation using LibGDX and was done to illustrate how to use a TextureAtlas, not how to perform animation. Instead the better way to perform. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu

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  1. Hey guys, we're back on track with some new tutorials. Today we setup the basics for creating tile maps whether you chose to use Tiled or a custom one!GitHub..
  2. box2D vs manual collision handling in libGDX. Ask Question Asked 5 days ago. Active 5 days ago. Viewed 13 times 0 \$\begingroup\$ I am developing a fairly simple game with Zelda-style physics where the only moving objects will be characters and other entities, however I am using a randomly generated (all in code, no .tmx) tile map which means I cannot immediately implement box2D as I would.
  3. ds me of a lot of the famous MIT license that other free game engines such as Godot use. A thing I kept co
  4. In this quick tutorial I show you how to add libraries to an already setup LibGDX project as well as give you tips and fixes to common problems. Official Web..

LibGDX Tutorials. LibGDX is a game development framework that gives you a bunch of useful features (a 60 fps render loop, animation, input, physics, and lighting for example) and allows you to deploy as a packaged executable, an HTML/JavaScript page, or an Android or iOS app. This multiple deployment feature is extremely useful. It allows you to write your code only once and have it work on. libGDX is a free and open-source game-development application framework written in the Java programming language with some C and C++ components for performance dependent code. It allows for the development of desktop and mobile games by using the same code base. It is cross-platform, supporting Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and web browsers with WebGL support (Note: you can work without that tool but you need to write some boilerplate code manually, add libraries, set paths and so on). Start gdx-setup. You will see the main screen of Libgdx Project.

libGDX ist ein Java-Framework für plattformunabhängige Spieleentwicklung.Die Programmbibliothek erlaubt es, das gleiche Projekt auf Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, Blackberry, iOS und Webbrowser auszuführen. libGDX wurde von Mario Zechner erschaffen und auf GitHub als Open-Source-Software unter Verwendung der Apache-2.0-Lizenz freigegeben. Der Name libGDX hat laut Mario Zechner keine. All Versions of the Libgdx.dll Library link. The last version of the Libgdx.dll library is the version that was released on 2012-07-31. Before this version, there were 1 versions released. Downloadable Libgdx.dll library versions have been listed below from newest to oldest. - 32 Bit (x86) (2012-07-31) Download directly this.

I often see posts on the LibGDX forum from users confused about converting game units to pixel units, while coding box2d+scene2d games. I'm writing this short article to present my approach on this matter, which actually doesn't involve any unit conversion. It's all done by different cameras with different viewports. As you know, box2d wants its bodies sized in meters. But hey my character is. From my limited experience with libgdx, you still have to manually set the classpath in the Eclipse IDE. - Code-Apprentice Oct 4 '14 at 18:03. I just tried adding it to the classpath of my desktop project but it doesn't work. I think you're on the right track though. I must have to reference the assets somehow in my classpath file. I'll keep trying. - Barodapride Oct 4 '14 at 18:05. What.

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This manual is only updated with new releases. The latest version of Box2D may be out of sync with this manual. Feedback and Bugs. Please file bugs and feature requests here: Box2D Issues. You can help to ensure your issue gets fixed if you provide sufficient detail. A testbed example that reproduces the problem is ideal. You can read about the testbed later in this document. There is also a. Since the objects will now fall down because of gravity, we don't have to move the objects manually. Instead we need to instruct the world to apply the gravity and update the transform of the body. @Override public void render {final float delta = Math. min (1 f / 30 f, Gdx. graphics. getDeltaTime ()); dynamicsWorld. stepSimulation (delta, 5, 1 f / 60 f); for (GameObject obj: instances) obj. box2D vs manual collision handling in libGDX. I am developing a fairly simple game with Zelda-style physics where the only moving objects will be characters and other entities, however I am using a randomly generated (all in code, no .tmx) tile java 2d libgdx box2d jbox2d. asked Dec 18 '20 at 6:01. Tag Howard. 1. 0. votes. 0answers 17 views Why doesn't my fmx TiIeMap render? I've a .tmx. 01/2021: Libgdx Controller - Umfangreicher Produkttest Beliebteste Libgdx Controller Aktuelle Angebote Sämtliche Vergleichssieger ᐅ JETZT lesen Libgdx Controller kaufen Die qualitativsten Libgdx Controller im Test . controllerkaufen.de ›› Controller ›› Libgdx Controller. Louie Mengel ★ Empfehlung ★ Controller Controller Controller iPhone 11 Pro Max Handyhülle . Lange Lebensdauer dank brillanter Farben, die versiegelt werden. Schmales, rundum bedrucktes Case (auch an den Seiten) mit vollem Zugriff auf alle.

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LibGDX Project Generator Tool. Setting up all those projects can be pretty annoying, so libGDX offers a tool that does all of the setup for you. Download the tool from here. Run that program. If double-clicking it doesn't work, try running it manually via the command line using this command You can either use a GUI tool to automate the process or you can set it up manually. I will not set it up either of the ways. This is because when you set libGDX either of the ways, you create a lot of sections in the workspace - each catering to one particular platform. So your code has a section that caters to desktop, a section that caters to Android device, another section to cater to. LibGDX is an open source, cross-platform development framework, which is designed mainly, but not exclusively, to create games using the Java programming language. Besides Java, LibGDX also makes heavy use of the C programming language for performance-critical tasks to incorporate other C-based libraries and to enable cross-platform capabilities

This tutorial will be the last of the LibGDX tutorial series and i really hope that you leaned and loved the procedure of developing a fully working game from scratch. As i promised you, in today's tutorial i will show you how to implement admob ads in our game. You don't need to make an admob account yet, because we are going to use test ads (recommended from admob if a game isn't published. LibGDX Tutorial 3B: Simple Animation. Back in Tutorial 3 I created a simple animation using a Timer and setting the frame manually from a TextureAtlas. This is not the ideal way to perform animation using LibGDX and was done to illustrate how to use a TextureAtlas, not how to perform animation. Instead the better way to perform animations is using the Animation class. Here is an example using. This is a currently in process tutorial series (as in, there are more parts to come) on using LibGDX for creating games. I think its far enough along to be useful for someone looking to start out in LibGDX. The goal is to be as detailed as possible while as simple to understand as possible. So instead of being fancy, the code samples instead are aimed at being easily understandable An interesting dilemma that I ran into when working on my game in Libgdx with your favorite subject! Fonts, specifically today, I wanted to talk about how to center text in Libgdx. For example let's say you want to have text on an HP bar. How would you keep it in the center? You might try to manually position the text to be in the middle doing something like this: steps.setPosition(60, 19. Downloads - libGDX. HOME ; XONE; PS4; Switch; VR; iOS The game contains 68 manually created unique puzzles with increasing difficulty. Each puzzle... Tales of Vastor - Alpha version 0.0.3 Oct 31 2018 Tales of Vastor Demo The alpha version with the first chapter, three playable characters and different items. Tales of Vastor - Alpha version 0.0.2 Oct 31 2018 Tales of Vastor Demo The alpha.

Full LibGDX Game Tutorial - Particle Effects. Welcome to part 16 of our Full LibGDX Game Tutorial. This part will focus on adding a particle effects system in our Ashley ECS. If you haven't seen the earlier parts of this tutorial I advise you to start at Full LibGDX Game Tutorial - Project setup as this tutorial continues from these earlier parts. For those of you who have come from part. LIBGDX ANDROID 3D TUTORIAL EJECTION >> READ ONLINE Samsung focus manual Aicte 2012 13 handbook of pharmaceutical excipients Manuale delle giovani marmotte 2 disney 710 Morphy richards toaster user manual Fischbein saxon sh1000 manual dexterity Dvd pioneer retratil 5150 manual Metz 36 af 4n manual lawn Manual focus nikkor zoom lenses 35-70mm nikon Fischbein saxon sh1000 manual dexterity. download libgdx manual pdf. File name: manual_id246588.pdf Downloads today: 218 Total downloads: 5686 File rating: 8.4 of 10 File size: ~2 MB >>> DOWNLOA

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Материалы, статьи, исходники для тех, кто разрабатывает игры на LibGDX под Android Graphics with libGDX Dr. Andrew Vardy Adapted from the following sources: libGDX slides by Jussi Pohjolainen(Tampere Unversity of Applied Sciences) transformation slides by Dr. Paul Gillard (Memorial University) ENGI 5895 Software Design Memorial University. Introduction • The goal here is to illustrate some concepts in computer graphics • The tool we will use is libGDX, a cross-platform. Lean Libgdx pdf free lean libgdx manual pdf pdf file Page 1/9. Acces PDF Lean Libgdx Lean Libgdx libGDX is licensed under Apache 2.0 and maintained by the community. Contribute today! Fork Us Donate. Feature Packed. Comes with batteries included. Write 2D or 3D games, let libGDX worry about low-level details. Features. Super Fast Heavy emphasis on avoiding garbage collection for Dalvik.

libGDX. According to our registry, libGDX is capable of opening the files listed below. It is possible that libGDX can convert between the listed formats as well, the application's manual can provide information about it Being long around, libGDX still is one of the best frameworks for writing a 2D game in Java or for Android. While it is quite easy to run a libGDX game from source on Desktops and Android. 1 Installation von LibGDX zur Verwendung in der Eclipse-IDE 1.1 Installation des Java-Development-Kit 1.1.1 Einstellen der Umgebungsvariablen für Java 1.1.2 Umgebungsvariable für das Android-SDK setzen 1.2 Installation des Android SDK 1.3 Installation von Eclipse 1.3.1 Installation des Googl LIBGDX LIBGDX es un framework de código abierto para desarrollo de videojuegos, propuesto por Mario Zechner a mediados de 2009 [1]. En marzo de 2010, Zechner decidió abrir el código y actualmente tiene la licencia apache 2.0. La última versión disponible y estable de LIBGDX es l Libgdx ATC Simulator. Design & API; User Manual; Prototype Design; Research; Dependencies; Known Issues; Compare Results Script; GogsIssuesExtended; Vector Library Performance Test; X-Plane ADSB Output Plugin; Building & Editing this Documentation. Building and Editing the Documentation; Swinburne Project Standards. Final Year Project Standards.

Also how can I have the texture atlas from the default Libgdx repo cut down into all individual pictures so when I need to change a drawable or add one I don't have to edit the whole image file and then manually edit the .atlas file as well. I could just manually cut down all the drawables but they are so many and it will take some time Been spending the last two days learning how to use LibGdx with this tutorial. A 'Flappy Bird' clone that teaches you how to use libGdx to make a game. Wonderful verbose explanation on certain game programming concepts; and even Java concepts. For an absolute beginner like me, confused by when to 'extend' and 'implement.

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Audi A3 Hitch Manual Revelation And Dust Star Trek The Fall David R The Mabinogion Unknown Microsoft Frontpage 2002 Manual Libgdx Cross Platform Development Cookbook | Comnpgai R The Old Grandfather And His Little Laudiovisione Suono E Immagine Nel Cinema Washington State Employee Tuition Exemption Geometry Holt Mcdougal Answer Key Mini Cooper S Instruction Manual lean libgdx Lean. Libgdx Tutorial Series Game From Scratch *FREE* libgdx tutorial series game from scratch LIBGDX TUTORIAL SERIES GAME FROM SCRATCH Author : Marie Weisz Mastering Modern Psychological Testing Theory MethodsIsuzu Kb 250 Repair ManualOrganizational Behavior 10 Edition Mcgraw HillEngineering Mechanics Statics R C Hibbeler 12th Edition SolutionsHip Sonography Diagnosis And Management Of Infant Hip.

The added support is the final piece of the puzzle to help make libGDX developers happy. No manual copying of files or setting flags, it just works! If you are interested in libGDX, we recommend reading our extensive documentation and view our video tutorials. Conclusion. Getting libGDX and its huge native code base to work with x86-based Android was a breeze. We simply had to tweak 2 files (5. libGDX in der Lage ist das Öffnen der Dateitypen aufgelistet. Konvertierung zwischen den Dateitypen unten aufgeführten ist auch mit Hilfe von libGDX möglich. Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen darüber im Handbuch der Anwendung. Zugeordneten Dateitypen.zktx. libGDX Compressed Texture Data. Wichtig! Es gibt viele schädliche, infizierte Anwendungen im Internet. Laden Sie nur Anwendungen. Comet Pinball is a classic arcade game implemented in Java. It uses the libgdx game library with Open GL graphics and Box2d physics. The game is designed to use highly customizable play fields. Starting the game will create an XML file which defines the play field. Feel free to edit by using the game manual as a reference For libgdx, we have to deal with a ton of IDE specific issues due to the different plugins for Android/GWT, e.g. Eclipse not being able to cope with relative paths (what a bunch of bullshit). Most of the work on Maven was figuring out how to work around all those Maven/IDE specific limitations. I gave up on Netbeans, so if someone can figure out how to get the archetype working there, send me.

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libgdx - reales - manual android studio avanzado . Cómo cambiar el tamaño después de haber sido creado (1) Estoy usando java, libgdx y box2d . En la clase principal, he creado un jugador. Quiero cambiar shape.setAsBox a 100 en la clase de jugador. Entonces, en otras palabras, quiero cambiar shape.setAsBox después de haber sido creado. Creo que la única forma de hacerlo es eliminar el. ADDING TO LIBGDX PROJECT. There is only one small difficulty with libgdx projects and Android - the project is split into two projects: desktop and android. And the whole code is located in the desktop project. I used simple trick to use Android bluetooth module into libgdx project: I created iBluetooth interface (see the code below), and passed it to my game constructor (see the code below.

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January 21, 2016 Using libGDX with Kotlin. I've been reading lately about different languages and what they can bring to the already crowded table of software developers, and one language stood out for me: Kotlin List of Free code libgdx Projects. 3 DRoguelike A roguelike with 3D graphics using LibGDX. BattleCity 3D Battle City 3D clone on Java via libgdx. bbg gdx project setup blue banana game 's project setup tool for new games using LibGDX. box 2 dcontrollers Controllers for libgdx implementation of Box 2D. Includes buoyancy and gravity controllers. catchr LibGDX and Box 2D simple game to catch. To read Mastering LibGDX Game Development (Paperback) PDF, remember to click the button beneath and download the document or gain access to other information which are have conjunction with MASTERING LIBGDX GAME DEVELOPMENT (PAPERBACK) ebook. Packt Publishing Limited, United Kingdom, 2015. Paperback. Book Condition: New. 235 x 190 mm. Language: English . Brand New Book ***** Print on Demand.

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Free download Building XNA 2.0 Games: A Practical Guide for Independent Game Development (Books for Professionals by Professionals libgdx - news - manual de programacion android pdf . OpenGL ES 2.0 muestra objetos en orden de profundidad opuesto usando LibGDX (1) Estoy usando LibGDX y renderizando algunos modelos. Esto funciona como se esperaba, excepto que los objetos que están más lejos se muestran al frente de los objetos más cercanos. En otras palabras, el orden de profundidad parece ser lo opuesto a lo que. Learn to design and create video games using the Java programming language and the LibGDX software library. Working through the examples in this book, you will create 12 game prototypes in a variety of popular genres, from collection-based and shoot-em-up arcade games to side-scrolling platformers and sword-fighting adventure games. With the flexibility provided by LibGDX, specialized genres. Microsof

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Therefore, libGDX implements a full-fledged 2D rendering library and integrates FreeType for font rendering. Manual memory management: Java applications feature a garbage-collected, runtime environment method of memory management. While this is convenient in many cases, native memory resources for textures or meshes need to be managed manually. LIBGDX GAME DEVELOPMENT ESSENTIALS BOSE JUWAL instructions guide, service manual guide and maintenance manual guide on your products. Before by using this manual, service or maintenance guide you need to know detail regarding your products cause this manual for expert only. Produce your own . LIBGDX GAME DEVELOPMENT ESSENTIALS BOSE JUWAL and yet another manual of these lists useful for your to. Libgdx um framework multi-plataforma de visualizao e desenvolvimento de jogos. Atualmente ele suporta Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS e HTML5 como plataformas de destino. Libgdx permite que voc escreva o seu cdigo uma nica vez e o implante em mltiplas plataformas, sem modificao » Download Mastering LibGDX Game Development PDF « Our web service was launched having a aspire to work as a full online electronic digital catalogue that provides entry to multitude of PDF file publication selection. You may find many different types of e-book and also other literatures from my files data bank. Certain well-known issues that spread out on our catalog are famous books. So, it doesn't need to dispose of Batch manually because the stage will. That's only in the case that we let Stage object to handle Batch alone. On the contrary, if we pass Batch as an argument in Stage then we have to dispose of it manually. As a rule, it's better to let Stage object to handle batch alone. Also, it doesn't need to use setProjectionMatrix or batch.begin() or batch.end.

Unsere Bestenliste 10/2020 ᐅ Ausführlicher Ratgeber Ausgezeichnete Libgdx Controller Beste Angebote Testsieger → JETZT direkt lesen r/libgdx: Desktop/Android/BlackBerry/iOS/HTML5 Java game development framewor ᐅ Unsere Bestenliste 10/2020 Umfangreicher Test ☑ Ausgezeichnete Libgdx Controller ☑ Aktuelle Schnäppchen ☑ Preis-Leistungs-Sieger - Direkt weiterlesen Ich würde beginnen mit der offiziellen Dokumentation an der libGDX wiki.Das wird Sie mit einigen grundlegenden Beispielen. Sobald Sie über die Grundlagen hinaus, mit der box2d-Handbuch wird, füllen Sie alle details. Es ist sehr leicht zu Lesen, und es ist nicht schwer zum übersetzen von C nach Java libgdx supports the game main loop pattern through the ApplicationListener interface. This interface defines the following methods: garbage collection won't help and you would need to manually dispose of them. We usually allocate resources for the game in the create method. This is called only once, when the game is started. In the dispose method we have our chance to dispose of these.

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Handling preferences in libgdx One data store available to us is the preferences mechanism. There is a chance of the user to try and manually edit this preferences file in order to gain advantages in the game. As we're just persisting the state of one domain entity, maybe it's easier to have its whole state serialized and deserialized later on. We could add support for multiple profiles in. download manual libgdx español. File name: manual_id275921.pdf Downloads today: 158 Total downloads: 3704 File rating: 8.13 of 10 File size: ~1 M Find freelance Android Libgdx Tutorial professionals, consultants, freelancers & contractors and get your project done remotely online. Post projects for free and outsource work

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There is a manual that serves as documentation and forums that are decently active. Definitely watch this video to get a better grasp on what Buildbox is before buying it. Made with Buildbox . Showcase. Price. $99 a year for 1 world and 15 scenes (and a splashscreen), $199 a year for 3 worlds and 45 scenes and $299 a year for unlimited worlds and scenes. According to the official website. Hello! I thought I'd create a topic for game/app developers coming from LibGDX which now uses the Intel Multi-OS Engine as an option for iOS development. Any issues or useful information to do with LibGdx project setup or anything else is welcome here! One problem people might encounter is with the Gradle setup, since you need to install intel multi-os on your system to actually use it in your. So I then switched to your libGDX library which I think is fantastic but I ran into another wall. How to associate my 50 images to the 50 bodies I have moving around the screen. The box2d parameters used in libGDX are not exactly the same on a lot of the functions as they are used in your jbox2d Libgdx mempunyai beberapa class yang menerapkan antarmuka sekali pakai yang mengindikasikan bahwa id ini harus dibuang secara manual pada akhir masa pakai. Kegagalan membuang (dispose) sumber daya akan menyebabkan kebocoran memori yang parah! Berikut ini merupakan class yang membutuhkan untuk dibuang secara manual. AssetManager; Bitmap; BitmapFon Download Medical Device Reprocessing Manual And Workbook Kindle Editon; Read Online Investment Proposal Ijara Company In Morocco Pdf rtf; Download Art Since 1900 Pdf PDF; Read Online Proveit Bookkeeping Test Doc; Libgdx Cross-Platform Development Cookbook. Libgdx Cross-Platform Development Cookbook. Libgdx Cross-Platform Development Cookboo

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The libGDX Jam. With our twelfth collaboration, the libGDX Jam continues the time honored tradition of making awesome games using the best framework out there. We encourage camaraderie, teamwork, and good sportsmanship with a side of well-intentioned buffoonery. Schedule. Theme Submission: 3/8/20 - 3/14/20 gwt - Write Json string manually using LibGDX library - - May 15, 2014 Get link; Facebook; Twitter ; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; libgdx implements json readers , writers. allows compile gwt (org.json.jsonobject not have gwt implementation). great serialize objects , instantiate objects json strings. in case wanted generate json without starting object/class. having read through documentation. LibGDX Cross-Platform Development Blueprints - Indraneel Potnis. $46.99. available option

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LWJGL is a Java library that enables cross-platform access to popular native APIs useful in the development of graphics (OpenGL, Vulkan), audio and parallel computing applications.This access is direct and high-performance, yet also wrapped in a type-safe and user-friendly layer, appropriate for the Java ecosystem. LWJGL is an enabling technology and provides low-level access It uses the libgdx game library with Open GL graphics and Box2d physics. The game is designed to use highly customizable play fields. Starting the game will create an XML file which defines the play field. Feel free to edit by using the game manual as a reference. Downloads: 7 This Week Last Update: 2016-11-17 See Project. 11. adventure . a android game based on libgdx. Downloads: 0 This Week. Box2D. A 2D Physics Engine for Games © 2020 Erin Catto Erin Catt » Download Mastering LibGDX Game Development (Paperback) PDF « Our professional services was released with a want to work as a total online electronic digital local library which offers entry to multitude of PDF file publication assortment. You could find many different types of e-publication and also other literatures from our papers data base. Particular preferred subject areas that.

Instead of going on to create LibGDX pong and slowly working up from there (as was my original intention) I decided to play around with the example project a little. The bucket became a spaceship and the raindrops enemy UFOs (each had their own class), nobody had any weapons, the UFOs were kamikaze maniacs and moved at varying speeds, aim of the game - avoid being hit. I added the concept of. Download Ebook Libgdx Game Development By Example Libgdx Game Development By Example Kobo Reading App: This is another nice e-reader app that's available for Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows and Mac computers. Apple iBooks: This is a really cool e-reader app that's only available for Apple LibGDX Status Report My Paradise (Working Title): Day 2 (LibGDX game. 24 Jun 2013 There are many reasons why you would need to read a JSON file in your libgdx (android or desktop) application. For example, you could store For example, you could store 30 May 2014 libGDX comes with a JSON serializer/deserializer that let's you move data between JSON We'll start with an example of how this works, then how it breaks when reading an FileHandle file = Gdx.files. Manual Override - JamGame. Run game. Entry into the LibGDX 7 day game jam for March 2020. Theme: Global Thermonuclear War. Controls: Arrow Keys or WASD to manuver. (controls are meant to be floaty) Avoid Obstacles while you descend and guide you bomb to the target. Fly through Trajectory Rings to collect points . Game is meant to be short, less than 2 minutes to complete. But it may take many. libGDX uses the Apache License 2.0. Not only is libGDX free and open source but also it's license gives you a lot of power over the engine. As long as you provide a copy of the license, give credit, do not hold devs liable and do not use libGDX logo in any engine forks you can do pretty much anything you want

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